The proposed mission of the Social Innovation Catalyst is to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based start-up companies and other compatible businesses in relation to social enterprise and community building.
By fulfilling this mission, the incubator would contribute to job creation, enhance equality of life, and attempt to merge the tech world with the non-profit sector.

Abdulla Daoud

With  an  academic   background  in mathematics, statistics, and political science, Abdulla Daoud leads DevBloc in its various roles to help strengthen the migrant population in Canada. Abdulla Daoud believes this can be done by aiding migrants to work hand in hand with community members to build their own business and technologies.

Tina Ali

A Software Engineer with various experiences in technological development, Tina Ali is the perfect candidate to lead our economic and development program. DevBloc. In a world that is changing towards tech based economy, Tina Ali certifies that DevBloc is ahead of game, in terms of adapting and creating technologies to aid and integrate migrants into the Canadian population.

Kinan Swaid

With a Mechanical Engineering background, Kinan has a long passion and history in helping the migrant communities in Montreal. With a strong background in engineering Kinan Swaid will help maintain DevBloc's strong workshop and job training programs to help prepare the migrant community in Canada for the current workplace. 

Chirine Mansour

Combining a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Concordia University and an Event Planning certification at LaSalle College. Chirine Mansour acquired the skills and tools she needed to bring together a passion for finding solutions to social problems by creating innovative new events and ideas. This makes Chirine the best fit to be our creative coordinator.

Anissa J.Khan

After finishing her Bachelor’s of Anthropology at Concordia University, Anissa wanted to build on her cultural academic experience by focusing on the health needs of the community. In addition to studying Nursing, she orients herself towards service initiatives to help ensure the healthy community environment. This paired with her corporate  experience in the IT world makes Anissa a perfect fit for the atmosphere that DevBloc is attempting to cultivate.

Sila Unver

Sila is a recent graduate from McGill University in International Development, and is now perusing her Masters degree in International Development at Laval University. Her unique experience both academically and in the field makes her a great addition to the DevBloc communications team. Sila believes she can leverage her skills to help the current Montreal community in building stronger social enterprises.

Our legal department

Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard, helps DevBloc participants make their ideas come true, from the legal level  to the conception of the project itself. He completed his Law degree at Laval University and he is a member of the Quebec Bar Association. Me Pierre-Luc Bouchard practices immigration Law, labor Law and business Law. Through his experience with refugees, he wants to sustain the effort of integrating immigrants in Canada.









LUNA is a artificial intelligence application that will use its conversational abilities through an interactive platform with incoming claimants. The claimants will talk to LUNA, and LUNA will control the conversation in order to extract all information needed from the claimant and automatically fill out all the applications and documentation needed to successfully claim refuge in Canada also ensuring the they are not making the journey under false pretenses or misinformation about the Canadian Immigration System.  In turn, saving the government days in processing times, and a vast amount of resources in management.

Hijrah Critica

Hijrah Crítica is a new online venue that will provide space for critical commentary, research, art, and testimonials on the experience of migration in the Canadian context.
As a multimedia curator, Hijrah Crítica will accept submissions employing diverse forms of communication – from written text, podcast episodes, films, and photographs. Most importantly, it will cast a wide net for contributors, driven by inclusion and actively encouraging submissions by newcomers, practitioners, and scholars. Hijrah Crítica is hosted byThe Refugee Centre, a Montreal-based refugee, and immigrant community organization.


Refugee Network is a web application built by community members and maintained in-house. The web application is a live map and 411 on all the available services for newcomers to Canada. Everything from social to legal help is provided in the platform. It also aids different Non-profit organizations in communicating with its users through the web application. Providing reviews given by users on those services in order to ensure newcomers they are guided in the right direction.


Mediafugees is an international nonprofit news platform committed to changing the narrative around refugees and those living in exile.  All the content is created by people displaced from their country of origin and refugees. This platform is a method for individuals who do not have access to such technology and will be able to use it to voice their stories as well as concerns. Giving refugees and immigrants alike valuable experience in the field of journalism, and media production. Developing their own online content in both audio and visual format.


Lingua.ai is an application that will leverage a machine learning artificial intelligence to teach migrants all over the world a specific language. This is currently being undertaken by two refugees, and two community members. This project is seen as a mix between Siri and Duolingo, and it will use vocal conversation technology to teach languages. Setting it apart from applications such Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, this application will mold existing text to speech and speech to text technology to give classroom lessons purely in vocal format, as well as take questions and adapt lessons in real-time to the concerns of different students.

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